3 keys to happiness

3 keys to happiness

Here are 3 key ideas about happiness:

You are in charge

You live with yourself 24 hours a day. Nobody else but you can do something about it. You can get help, support, advice, etc. Ultimately, you are the one who has to go ahead and do it.

Go beyond your comfort zone

Any time you take action and experience something new, you take at least a small risk by opening up and going beyond your comfort zone. There is no change possible without action. If you don't like your present mind landscape, you have to go beyond the limits of what you already know to do something about it. This risk is of course minimal and insignificant in most cases. You still have to open up to something new.

Help comes in many forms. You still have to respond

Help comes in the form of window of opportunities. If you don't respond, you give power to your present state. Every time you sit back and hesitate, you are feeding your doubts and resistance to change.

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