Happiness? I want a solution

Happiness? I want a solution


Happiness is an energy you can create, a skill you can learn. It is related with how you see your past. It is as well related with your life vision or what you see in your future.

By what you answered in the poll, you are clear about one thing: you are the architect of your happiness.

What is that life skill?

"How do you create happiness?" is the next question.

What is your opinion? Here is what you can do: Take a white page and write down 10 simple actions which could create happiness for you. Write down the first things that come to your mind.

Take a decision to give these actions priority in your life.

Take 5 steps a day which make you more happy!.

>>>>>>>>> Do first what makes you happy!

You are aware of it! Happiness is a choice! It is a decision you take!

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