After marriage I was facing lot of problems

After marriage I was facing lot of problems

After marriage I was facing lot of problems (like police enquiries, divorce issue and poor in concentration in my career). How to get out my problems?? All are due to my Father in law who is a Police official. So my wife dominates



Thank you for your question

We have human and spiritual rights. If you did not do anything wrong, you are backed up by the forces of the spirit. A challenge is always an opportunity to grow. It is an occasion to gain your own power. You are in India, so I suppose you are familiar with Kali. She is the destructive power which annihilates and transforms existence to renew and refresh it.

When you feel attacked by external sources, focus on your own kali strengths so that you own your own transformative power. You can focus on her power by writing her name in Sanskrit form.

You can as well integrate that energy by meditating on her name. this will stimulate your inner power and offer you extra protection.

If you integrate that regeneration force from within, you will see that external disturbances soon disappear.


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