Can power kill the magic?

Yes, it can!... If you don't use it wisely.

Controlling forces can kill life power. They can annihilate inspiration and creativity. True!

Reasoning on everything can destroy spontaneity, trust and life flow.

Now, imagine for a second that you shift your power. Shift it from a controlling and limiting force to a protective power.

Imagine children playing in your garden. You can limit them, stop them with fear of them getting hurt or you can offer them a form of distant protection which will "secure" the environment they are in.

If you reached a point of "power saturation", then you will probably use the extra to conquer new "territories".

Power and the other forces in your mind are there to collaborate and work with each other.

Take the example of the artistic profession: it often happens that artists are very creative but miss the marketing skills to promote their art. This is what we could call the old fashioned way. You might be struggling to make a living and then say things like: "I hate marketing".

Marketing uses conquering power. Artistic expression uses creativity. With artistic expression, the term power is not really want comes first to mind. What happens is very simple: there is a rejection of power (I hate marketing) and at the same time, an incredible need for it (I'm broke).

You can see the dilemma.

In the artistic world, those who succeed usually collaborate with the marketing power in one way or another. They might create a website to promote and sell their work, or they might hire an agent to do their PR.

Power does not kill the magic, it protects it.

Power is an incredible force. If you aren't yet, get acquainted with it and develop the skills to use it wisely.

Too much control is boring, specially when projected on others. It is like cooking: only the right combination and proportions will create the perfect taste.

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