We checked a whole range of possible shadow attacks coming from women you can be exposed to.

A core question is "Why?"

Why do women, especially romantic partners in the form of girlfriend, lover or wife play that role in a man's life?

We are not talking about some isolated examples!

This is a pattern in society!

It happens on a large scale and leads to relationship fights, tensions and frustration!

If we bring it back to the specific situations of shadow attacks from women to men, what do we find?

What are the motivating drives in women to submit men to these challenges?

We know of course about women testing their potential mates to see if they are fit for commitment, but that's an isolated trend in the dating stages.

Control? Domestication?

Yes, women teach their partners how to relate to them and fulfill their needs.



Women will be men's shadow trainers!

Because they are the ones who are often the emotionally closest person in a man's life, the spirit will use women as evolutionary channels for men.

Let me rephrase:

Your female romantic partner is an agent for your own evolution and life mastery.

You can use the expression shadow trainer instead of wife or girlfriend.

For me, this totally nails it!

That's totally my experience of romantic relationships.

Not all romantic partners in my life have been my shadow trainers.

Some have been mainly soft and loving presences as well.

But all of them have been used to trigger me into becoming the best version of myself.

So, here is another way to put it:

Without the challenges that women you love imposed on your life,  you wouldn't have become the person you are today.

In other terms, your shadow trainers are agents of your growth and evolution.


I like the spiritual, global perspective more than the worldly explanations.

So, women will challenge you because they have to, they want to, they have no choice, it is written in your evolutionary program.

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