Empowering environments

Empowering environments

Unleashing your life power is more than simply creating fire. For your fire to win, you need to create empowering structures as well. A structure is a mind vehicle. It is a thought form. It is a skill you learned.

Life power is energy. Energy is similar to the heat of the sun. You channel this energy and use it to sustain actions, behaviors, habits which do empower you.

You do run out of energy when structures are too heavy or limiting.

If your goals do not fit your destiny line. If your goals are simply not exciting, you'll feel depleted.

Life force is fire. You can light up a match and leave it there simply burning, or you can use this match to light up a bigger fire, cook a meal or warm yourself.

Sense of purpose! Fire is much more than a formless raw power. Fire and will power can be intelligent. They have a purpose or an evolution line.

As an individual you are part of humankind. Even when you feel the most disconnected you are still part of a larger purpose.

Your own individual will power is connected with a vaster planetary stream of will power. Humankind is sailing in a certain direction. It is evolving, moving towards the future.

Your individual action is part of a vaster stream of action. When you connect with that feeling, you realize that you don't need to carry the world on your shoulders. Forces are at work which help humankind evolve.

Tuning in!

Ask yourself this simple question: "what is my long term evolution plan?"

When you establish empowering structures, you create tools which support you in getting you where you want to be.

If you go upstream against your own evolution, you'll feel it. You'll get warning signs and feel tired.

Will power is an essential tool but it's useless when you try to swim against the current. You waste your time and quickly run out of energy.

Observe and feel first. Where does the current go? "Is this a local current or is this current truly connected with my long term evolution line?"

Does this current feel right? Is it okay to simply go with the flow? Is it okay to go with the flow and use my life power to get there even faster and with more enjoyment.

Structures are useful tools. If an inner structure is limiting you, get rid of it. Then replace it by something which is more adapted.

If you function with these simple concepts, you'll soon create dynamic and empowering environments.

You can be the slave of your mobile phone or you can be its master.

Well... Not exactly the vast long term planetary purpose we were talking about... but hey! that could be a first step!

Imagine that you master your tools. Imagine that your thoughts emotions, environment are aligned with your purpose. Imagine this frictionless feeling of super coherence. This perfect fit is a thrill.

You'll notice that when you create this magical empowering environment, life power simply responds.

Check what is around you. What helps you and what slows you down?

Can anyone but you be the designer of your existence?

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