Where to start?

Where to start?
The first step is to get your message through. You might have taken a habit over the years. This habit is to make yourself smaller than you are.

Nothing bad. It simply happens. It is related with conditioning, education and natural boundaries you create with others.

It is a natural protection and as well a way of showing respect towards your environment. Not speaking too loud. Not saying what you think. Not trusting your instincts. The list is long...

Why take it one step further? Why shake a well established comfortable reality? Why take the risk to open up further and expand your horizons?

Because you and others can benefit immensely from that. Life force is a pure nectar of fire. Have you ever seen someone truly and deeply happy? Have you ever noticed how it impacts on you, on your mind? The energy! The smile!

Can you recall a recent encounter with someone who deeply impacted in your life? Have you noticed this fearless sense of freedom and openness?

Life force impacts! It empowers you and empowers others. It is a gift and suppressing it in whatever way means killing your own spirit.

Connecting with your inner power is one step. Once you have all this fire gold in you, where does it go? What do you do with it? Do you maintain it within rigid life structures or do you create fresh mind channels which express this renewed awakening?

You have so much to offer!

where to start?

The first step is an inner decision to stand for what you believe is right for you.

This inner decision is a form of conversion. It says: "I am in charge of my life. I choose my actions. I am ready. I go for it!"

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