High energy life

High energy life

Imagine for a second removing obstacles, fears doubts and hesitations.

Taking this steps means rising your level of life satisfaction from x% to 300%.

What stops life force from flowing freely are thousands of mind patterns which are simply not aligned, useless or misoriented.

The result: increased friction and inner tension.

When you want to breakthrough, you need twice as much energy because of that.

Going through 5 years of psychotherapy has one main goal: removing invisible fears, blockages or other mind resistances so that life can flow.

If you had the choice, what would you do? If you could have more control and power over the way your mind is built, how would you design it?

What are the qualities you would ad? What would you remove?

Something magical is happening in our times. We understand better how our mind functions and we have better tools than ever to empower ourselves with clear mind channels.

It's definitely about becoming a master in the art of designing and recreating the mind.

At the same time it is almost frightening to have a glimpse of what can be achieved. It is so vast and so big. We can't fully comprehend it right now.

There are tow pathways:

The first one is simply to stay out of it and let life flow in whatever way it wants.

The second one is to take the path of mind mastery.

When you focus on your mind, increased knowledge leads to increased power. Increased power leads to increased responsibility.

Gaining power over what happens in your mind means taking responsibility for the way you mind functions. It means as well deciding to do something about it.

Very often your life is simply too busy. Working on new qualities or life skills is not usually the first target: survival, comfort and other priorities often rank higher in your life.

The "perfecting" of the mind can be delayed endlessly until destiny calls for attention. It can be a catastrophic event which forces you to look beyond the limits of what you already know.

This "wake up call" is often a life crisis. The reason why the crisis appears is because of urgency.

Looking at your mind today is like gathering survival tools, survival skills. It prepares you. It makes you stronger and more powerful.

Again, it's your choice. Gaining more control of your life is not always an easy thing to do. Suppose you have resources in a bank account: you can ask your financial expert to invest it for you or you can play with the stock market yourself.

99% of our abilities have been created by nature, evolution. What our will power controls is only a little fraction of our lives. 99% of our organic functions go on by themselves. Breathing, heart beating, digestion, blood circulation, all this goes on 24 hours a day without us getting involved.

The 1% left is expressed via our individual self determination and will power: "Let's do some fitness today", "look right and look left", etc.

These are functions where we do have some form of control. Now, what would happen if we were given full power. Is the human mind powerful enough to take over nature's instinct and control 100% of the organic functions in the human body? Of course not.

We don't have the skills. We don't have the knowledge. Playing with IVF (in vitro fertilization) seems sometimes already like playing God. We walk on new territories and we have to define a new map: code of ethics, boundaries, experiment, try, see what works and what doesn't.

And this is only a tiny little part of life. We simply give life a little help and in reality nature still does 99% of the work. This little help or support we offer (like IVF) does make all the difference though. It is the difference between "life" and "not life".

For the mind, same story. When you decide to lift up the veil and check what is going on behind the scene in your mind, you decide to give nature a little help. Your mind functions at 99% by itself. Thought processes, emotions, imagination, inspiration, new ideas. All this happens in a magical way.

What we do as mind masters is not taking full control. It is giving a little help to our natural abilities.

We don't have the power and skills to take over what nature does naturally so well. Now, sometimes nature gets stacked. Will power intervention can make the difference. Developing the skills to wash our brains (who says "brain washing" is a bad thing? I like it clean!) with a refreshing flow of new inspiration is something you can consciously stimulate.

Again, with increased power comes increased responsibility. Sometimes it's this responsibility we are rejecting altogether. It's like sitting in the cockpit and thinking: "Gosh, how do I fly this thing?"

Coaching gives you the skills to sit in the cockpit. Lot's of resources in that space. You can opt for auto pilot for instance and trust your automatic navigation instruments.

Seeing the cockpit means understanding the underlying dynamics. Maybe when you lift that veil, you realize that there is an invisible force there, a power, something you 100% trust.

I can't tell 100% exactly what would work for you. I simply developed certain life tools which work for me. I realized over the years that getting to know myself better is something I use every day. It gives me power, life force, greater life satisfaction and pleasure.

Sooner or later you face situations that nature alone does not solve. Your will power can make the difference and take your life to the next level by increasing your awareness and developing new life skills.

Being emotionally intelligent means using your mind in a more effective way and developing some of these new tools.

It does not really matter whether you do that via coaching, gestalt therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or a 6 months retreat in a Buddhist monastery.

I found my tools which are somewhere between the fields of personal and spiritual development. These are powerful tools. It took me 10 years to integrate some of them. Some Pranayama (yogic breath) techniques, took me even longer, 18 years to feel I truly owned the tool.

Telekinesis? The fork I tried to bend 5 years ago is still in my draw... No sign of loosening up!

We are in constant exploration and I don't see any sign of reaching the end. I feel there is no end. Simply cycles, loops and evolution of which we perceive only a small part.

Coaching is definitely one of the very powerful tools we can use. The goal is not to take over what functions well by itself. The goal is simply to give your nature a little help so that life flows better.

You can accept life the way it is or look at it and think: "Hey, would be great to do something about it!". Coaching is only one amongst the many tools you can access. It is a powerful one.

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