Universal love

Let's jump one step further: "Universal love" or "unconditional love" as it's sometimes called.

Universal love is this feeing of unity with all living beings and the cosmos. I am sure you have often felt this intense longing towards the planet, the need to care for nature and humankind?

This universal quality of love is this untouched purity.

We can go beyond the romanticized idea of this expression and truly establish an empowering link with what it truly is.

This connection or merging with the living forces around us is the ultimate unity.

We are stepping here beyond the limits of our "local" personality and tapping into our universal identity.

I don't want to wash away words like "cosmic being" or "planetary citizen" because they are actually very powerful.

If today you put aside, job, family, money, belongings, etc, what is left? A unified personified stream of life force on a blue planet somewhere in the universe.

Universal love is the recognition of this absolute link. Every time you see a tree, you can perceive this link. The essence which flows in this leave is the same essence of life which flows in you.

That's it! I feel this summarizes it all. The essence in your partner's eyes is the same essence as in your eyes.

Universal love is this sacred respect for any living form.

This unifying force is there all the time. Even when you forget about it, it still feeds your mind the same way your heart feeds your physical body.

Universal love is a powerful underlying dynamic. It sustains the way you relate to others. It is similar to a background color in the landscape of your life.

Need more of it? What can you do? Suppose you decide today to increase love in your life, where can you start?

True! That's the real question!

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