How to change my life?

How to change my life?

How to change my life into successful future. I feel I am not lucky at all



Thank you for your question.

When you look for happiness in the long term, it is essential to start by small steps. Start by doing one thing that makes your really feel good. Think of something which is healthy and energizes you.

Here is an idea: first thing in the morning, wake up and stand up in front of the window and breathe in deeply. Close your eyes and breathe in and out consciously ten times, slowly, no rush. Just do that. It takes you one minute. Then forget about it for the rest of the day. Following morning do it again. So on for a week.

Second week. Keep the same practice and add 5 new practices, like having one peace of fruit in the day, giving at least one compliment in the day to a person you love, etc.

Third week. add another 5 practices. That way you have ten daily habits which stabilize your day into a positive direction. This is where I would start: the foundation.

Success is an accumulation of small steps. A long journey starts with a little step. What is that simple next step for you? You see it? Don't think too far, just do it, start moving. To gain success, you have to take action. Start moving and taking little action, you'll see that soon this timid stream of action can turn into a powerful river. Let go of your doubts, just start!


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