What to do about disturbances or suffering in life?

What to do about disturbances or suffering in life?

What to do about disturbances or suffering in life? How to realize self? Is there any particular way?



Thank you for your question.

If disturbances or suffering are caused by external sources, like people around you, job situation, etc. the goal is to gain back mastery of your life, mind, emotions, personal space, time frame, etc.

Suffering and unhappiness is related with feeling powerless in these areas. It often means that your personal boundaries are not strong or that you don't know how to manifest them. Building respect for yourself and getting this respect from others is an essential step in spiritual development. It has to do with personal power. The disturbance is always a challenge and an opportunity to grow.

Physical suffering is another story. We are programmed to feel and respond to pain simply because that's the way our body tells us something is wrong. Pain is a warning. At this stage mastering our organic reaction to pain is still a long way but human development might reach a point in the near future where we know more about that.

In what situation are you? physical or emotional disturbance?


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