I had difficult experiences in the past

I am sorry to hear that. Negative past experiences can be extremely disturbing on a daily base. Is this a deep burden in your life?

Clearing your past means taking back control over your life. A Negative past experience might feel like an intrusion in your intimacy.

To clear that experience, the trick is to gain control over your life and mind. This means retraining yourself and your emotional reactions. It means as well developing new skills to protect your being.

The imprint in your mind can be strong and powerful. If you want this print to be gone, you have to replace it by something which is even stronger and more powerful.

This new imprint will come from your own mind and eventually as well from external help. It means gaining trust, confidence and power. It means reconquering your own mind space. In other terms becoming master of your being.

How? Taking small steps and retraining your reaction in key challenging life situations. Start by infinitely small non challenging steps and then move to bigger steps.


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