I want more love!

I want more love!

Where to start?



Action is the best and most direct way to invoke an energy in your life and in the core of your being. It's very simple: caring.

Care for the plants in your garden

Care for your family and friends

Give love to your person by giving yourself a treat!

Respect all life around you

I have a friend who has a funny habit. When biking, she often stops for helping snails lost on the path. This can sound like a naive insignificant action but it is not. It is a statement every time. It is a clear message that she sends to her environment and herself. Imagine taking this key behavior one step further. You get the picture? Life is a training ground.


Remove emotional obstacles

Right now, are you angry with someone? Have you noticed how anger can be a positive force? Sometimes you use anger to stimulate your life and set yourself free. Anger can be this powerful force which allows you to break through your own limits. It is connected with a survival instinct

When you track back anger, you can identify a specific mind pattern ("I will prove him I can do it!", "Never again!", etc.) It is an emotional frame in your being which generates energy. Sometimes this energy moves you forward (survival instinct), sometimes it consumes you (self destructive anger).

A long lasting conflict can show all the signs of destructive patterns for all parties involved. This is the moment "diplomatic" solutions and mutual understanding is deeply needed.

Simply saying "I'm sorry" is not enough if the negative emotional pattern has not been replaced by a new more powerful one.

The goal is to create an emotional foundation in you which is simply conductive to love.

Love is always looking for a way to flow. It's a natural power which starts streaming when given the space and the "tools".

Now your mind is that tool. This is where you establish the life channels which will be conductive to love.

You can create an emotional foundation which is filled with "angry patterns" or you can create an emotional foundation filled with "love patterns". The truth is that you have the power to choose and design your mind the way you want.

I use anger and love as an example here, but you could replace anger by a myriad of similar type of emotions.

There are simple ways to replace negative mind patterns by positive ones.

You are the architect of your mind and you can decide right now to create a powerful mind "channel" highly conductive to forces of love.


Don't give up your personal power

It can sound funny but the more love you have the more power you need to preserve that love. You can use power to conquer, control or dominate or you can use your resources to free, open up and protect whatever is in your mind's territory.

Combine these two forces (love and power) to make sure that your openness does not turn against you. Stay realistic and awake! Make sure that you stay master of your actions and desires. Give when you want to give, not when you are forced to.

Loving is not a way of giving up your power. It is a way of empowering your actions with a refreshed energy and intention.

Having the possibility to impact on other people's lives for instance, is a very positive thing as long as this stimulates others to move forward in their natural cycle of evolution.


One of the keys to be successful with manifesting love is to stay awake always. Don't be naive! Go beyond the idea of this "softy" type of love. Modern life forces are extremely powerful and challenging. A fragile flower does not stand a chance downtown New York. If you want your love to win, you have to give yourself the tools to succeed.

What do you feel?

Is it okay for determination and conquering power to be part of your love's equation?

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