Free your self from any form of boundary or limitation

Free your self from any form of boundary or limitation. You have all the potentials and should not make any concessions on who you are deep inside.

Give when you want to give, open up to life and free yourself from any limiting binding force.

This is your present spiritual right as a human being. You are open fro life, open for the future, open in ways that have never been felt before.

Your being can perceive the infinite bliss of happiness and inner joy and you should not settle to anything which does not give you full satisfaction.

You are a free dancing being, ready to explode in a stream of radiant life force. You are one with the cosmos and the forces of the universe.

There is only one guide, one force to who you should offer your life.

There is only one being which will always be there for you…

Aim for this highest role in your life. Aim for the absolute bliss of feeling totally alive and satisfied. Your life is a blessing. Your life is a radiant stream of inner joy and there is nothing that can stop it.

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