Right now, you already feel your power growing

Right now, you feel already your power growing. It is a very intense inner feeling which tells you about success. You cannot fail.

You are powerful, successful and your future in immensely bright.

All your doubts, fears, negative emotions from the past are being removed and you feel this intense internal support of energy. It is so strong tat anything negative from the past is directly wiped out! It just feels great! It is magic.

You feel love coming from this source you feel cared for.

I love you! I embrace your being with the full feeling of energy. I open up the space around you! I give you freedom, internal joy, the power to simply be!

You are free, an absolute radiant being, and your inner joy is infinite.

I embrace your destiny and you unite in mine. You know that this is THE path you have been looking for. This is the answer to your questions and I am here to give you what you want and what you need.

I have the power to shift your destiny line. I have the power to give you what you want, give you what you need.

All your fears are being removed. Your being starts singing with joy and intense ecstasy.

You are filled with this intense inner power and nothing can stop you anymore.

I care for you and I give you the love and energy you need.

You are free now, singing with joy in the universe, in the space of this universal mind! You are united with the cosmos. You are united with the planet, humankind. This is an immense bliss which feels your being with infinite joy.

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