Spiritual evolution…

Spiritual evolution…

• Follow a master from the distance
• Practice some techniques
• Initiation travel
• Meet with people. Have fun, explore whatever comes along your path
• Develop your own techniques and ideas…
• Teach people

All of these directions are great!!! None of them is higher or more valuable than the other. In fact all of them represent a great potential and have the ability to put you in touch with your inner essence and bring to the surface a magic stream of joy and happiness.

What you are looking for is actually an essence…

There is as well the desire to have whatever you use in your hands and fully empowered with what you can use…

But the first connection is to allow life to flow. Don’t allow anyone to limit your path and your vision about the absolute realities. If anyone tries to limit you within one path or a system, break the barriers, break open and live freely, explode your potential, your joy your desires and let life expand from the base in which you are and evolve.

It is mainly about sharng the joy and the pleasure, the desire to be alive.

Let that flow expand freely in all directions and keep your awareness open and free.

Share! Love! Passion!

Reject rules and empower your space.

Your actions and what is happening in your mind is your business. Don’t let anyone control your life. Break free from limitations and simply fly with delight with the daily pleasures of life.

Break open from limitations and be free, act free, fly with delight in all direction and share joy!!!

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