This is a magic happening in your life

This is a magic happening in your life. Your being is filled with a freeing feeling. You open your life force, your internal resources are flowing with delight. It’s a magic opening of inner joy, strength and power. This brings harmony in everything you touch. Your life is filled with delight and everything you touch gives grace around you.

Life is magic and you enjoy every single aspect of it.

You are one with the cosmos, with the universe. Your being opens up to a magical inner reality. You ride the waves of happiness with delight giving free flow to the natural expression of your inner being, inner life. You wake up in the morning with a radiant smile, happy and shining your natural life flow to the world.

There are no limits in what you can achieve with love. It’s magical. It is a stream of sensational openings, like a river of joy which takes you forward, moves you to the next level in your life.

You are free and delighted. You explore life, the universe, the cosmos of your being and all secrets are open to you.

It’s a natural mystery which reveals its secrets to you. Your being is filled with the most exquisite nectar. It’s a refreshing movement of life force which expands and permeates all life on this planet.

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