This power you feel is a pure healing harmonizing force

This power you feel is a pure healing harmonizing force. Your whole being is filled with happiness and delight. This outbreak, breakthrough of peace and inner radiant is such a magic grace. Your whole being is taken in that stream of nurturing beauty. You are cared for. You are being loved and intensely nurtured by this infinite force which touches you now.

Your being feels at peace and in harmony. You rest with delight and beauty. You wake up to the true stream of compassion and sympathy. You whole life force is channeled in expanding waves of love. Your being wakes up to this realization. It is an immense flow of satisfaction and care which you feel expanding in your being, through your life. It is magical and wakes up so much intense beauty in your being.

You feel the presence of nature in you. You feel the beauty of the human race. Life is an expansion of joy and happiness and your whole being, your whole life simply is filled with this intense grace.

Love is a magical force. It is a caring stream of delightful nectar which touches your being and wakes up a refreshed reality inside you.

This nurturing aspect of your life is expanding like a wave of life force. It is a natural flow of life which touches your being and all those who are around you.

Love fills your being.

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