Am I wrong for reacting that way? - ARTICLE

I've been dating my bf now for 3 months and things have been going great besides the fact that he still talks to one of his ex's (who still wants to be with him or really just wants to still be sleeping with him).

Well, the other night we were just hanging out at my house and he got on my computer, and this chic IM's him talking about "Hey cutie, what are you doing?" he tells her that he's hanging out with me and she continues on and the next thing she says is "Why aren't you two having sex, I know I'd be f'in ur brains out if I was there" "But then again you wouldn't even be able to type if I was there"...

First off, was I wrong for getting upset and mad over this?
And two, Would I be wrong to tell him to choose talking to her or having a relationship with me?

I feel bad because they've been friends for a long time but at the same time.. I'm afraid that if I let this go on any longer the talking will eventually lead back to more.

So PLEASE help me out!!

Thanks in advance


You can't check what he does when he is by himself in his own house. Getting on your computer to have a "sex chat" with his ex is way off.

Guys need sometimes to be educated on things like these. You can be firm. Tell him it's not okay! You are 100% right with reacting to his behavior.

Repeat your message until he gets. Make sure it does not happen again in your house. That's your territory. Make sure he respects it.

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