He is lying about credit card purchases - ARTICLE

I just recently cut my credit card up because one of my monthly bills was huge and I decided I was no longer going to use credit card-- if I have the cash in the bank then I'll use the debit card-- otherwise I just can't afford it and I'll have to wait till the next paycheck.

Yesterday I asked my friend how much his credit card bill was cause I wanted to pay him back for my share for a hotel room for a vacation we took... he said "About $800 including the $400 I spent for the hotel room for vacation." I was like... wow that's great he's spending wisely. He's always saying "I'm broke" and "I'm poor." So I'd pay for some meals for him when we went out together-- that's one reason why my bills were always more than $1000 and why I cut my credit card.

Today I saw his bill sitting out on the coffee table in front of the tv and looked at it-- the bill said the amount owed was $1350... not around $800. So I picked it up and looked at the charges and Yes, the $400 charge for the room was on it, but then there was ALSO another charge for over $580 for a new Sony Camcorder!

If he's so broke and so poor and making me pay for meals and stuff when we go out, why is he spending $580 on a Sony Camcorder??!!

There was a receipt next to the bill that said he'd returned the camcorder 10 days later (last week) but the return hadn't shown up on this bill. But still, why would he lie to me about how much his credit card bill was? Why wouldn't he tell me he'd made such a big purchase and show his camcorder to me? Something like that he'd want to show off to his friends you know?

Should I confront him about it, or just pretend i didn't see it since the camcorder had been returned and it really isn't my business except for the fact he makes me pay for meals because he's so 'poor' and 'broke'.... yet purchases a camcorder? That makes me rather angry.

Something about all this just disturbs me greatly that my friend is lying to me and hiding things from me. What would you do in this situation?


I believe you should sit down with him and tell him exactly what is going on and the way it makes you feel.

Money matters can often get on the way of having a trusting relationship.

He might not be aware of what is happening in your mind. Tell him! Tell him you are offended and tell him you feel it's messing up your relationship with him.

Educate him on that.

This might be a basic skill he is missing. It is never too late to educate him on that.

When he gets the message, it will be a win-win for both of you.

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