How to manifest power in your relationship - ARTICLE

If your relationship is challenged in any way, what is missing is simple: power in one form or another.

See it as a territory.

You and your partner own this territory.

If something you don’t like is happening, you have the power and the right to shift it until both of you are 100% satisfied.

You manifest power when you realize this!

It is your right to express it.

This means that you are the ones who take decisions and rearrange life according to your needs.

You are the core of all that and you are the ones in charge.

Gaining back control means daring to express what is already yours: the right to choose, decide and design.

Everyone has that power over their lives.

However some people never use it because they actually never realize it is their right.

If you feel you are not getting your needs met, it is your right to wake up to this sense of ownership and start taking decisions and giving directions to your life.

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