If you want to trigger fights, here are simple expressions to use A LOT! - They will drive your partner crazy! - ARTICLE

I am being a bit sarcastic here... No one wants to trigger fights in their relationship, right?

No one wants to and still so many people make the mistake of using some of these expressions:
  • I told you so!
You see... I was right all along and you were wrong!
  • Are you sure?
I don't trust you! - I doubt! - I don't believe what you said - I don't think you meant this and I'll give you another opportunity to change your opinion.
  • Whatever!
I am not interested in having a discussion with you - I don't want to listen to what you have to say.


These are only isolated examples of the patterns that trigger fights and guess what? Every time you use such phrases it will create tension.

Creating harmony in your couple is like a recipe! You put the right ingredients, harmony follows - Yes! It is that simple!


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