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Renew, Refresh

Be open for new ideas, change. Think of modern trends, etc.


Anything to break the habits. Respond to inspiration, to new streams.

Have "Relationship Ambitions"

Material, business, travels, discoveries, projects, etc.

Maintain a dynamic individual integrity

Maintain activities where you are not together with your partner. Keep space for "external friendships"... "Time off"... Allow it to happen and go for it, even if you might miss the other person during that time.

Refreshing Lifestyle

Take time to be in nature. Go out. Do something physical, sports, outdoors. Eat healthy.

Sex Life

Give attention to your sex life.

Create Romance, Flirt, Play

There must be a place in the relationship where you can be like kids, young teenagers. Plan a romantic holiday.

Dynamise your social life as a couple

Go beyond family and usual friends. Be an "interesting" couple, a "generous" couple.

Have a harmonious material base

Live in a place you like. Healthy finances. Harmonious work/free time balance.

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