Use your renewal power - ARTICLE

One key to long term success with your relationship is “renewal power”.

Renewal power is your ability to keep evolving while in a relationship.

Relationships are a comfort zone.

After a few months or years living together, you establish a set of habits and behaviors which simply tend to fix the relationship in a given format.

These are habits, behaviors, beliefs, actions, activities, etc.

When you live by yourself, you have a certain comfort zone.

When you are in a relationship, you have a shared comfort zone.

A comfort zone is something you build naturally.

You simply get used to your space, your job, connections, habits, etc.

It gives you a positive sense of security.

For instance, if you are in a relationship, knowing that your partner will be home and cooking tonight gives you a sense of security, love and comfort.

Sometimes though, your comfort zone works against you and the habits you build together become limiting.

These habits might stop you from evolving further.

This happens the day you stop inviting change in your couple.

Your being needs to keep on evolving.

It needs change. It is in your nature.

In other terms, an inner conflict can rise.

You have two sides:

· Crystallizing forces + Comfort zone.

· Renewal forces + Moving forward.

These two forces can clash.

This is how conflicts arise.

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