How society glorifies crushes - ARTICLE

I want to come back to what I said!

It is essential to get this!

If you look at operas, pop songs, literature, mythology, crushes are EVERYWHERE!

You have gods and goddesses falling in love with each other, armies invading lands in the name of love, endless love songs in pop charts, lovers killing themselves because their love can’t be fulfilled.

It goes on and on and on!

What does that mean?

That love matters a lot to us!

Nothing wrong so far!

The problem arises when you look at these stories deeper!

There is pain!

Lots of pain!

And this pain is being glorified as if it was a virtue!

Here are the news!

It’s NOT!

There is nothing glorious about being in pain!

This is where I believe that a big chapter in our human love stories is still missing!

Till now!

I want you to wake up and realize that there is nothing exciting or realistic about abandoning yourself in the name of love.

In 99% of the cases, the romantic ideal dream does not match reality!


It doesn’t mean that you need to destroy the dream of the perfect romance!

It means that you need to ad a new quality!

This is power and awareness!
It is the realization that the winds of your passion are gorgeous!
They are a powerful fire that can drive you for days or even years!

It is beautiful and exciting!

No doubt about that!

The new goal is to tame that fire, not be dominated or enslaved by it!
Do you want to be the slave of your passions or their master?

Think about it!

Do you want to be in charge? Or do you want to be enslaved?

You start feeling the answer, right?

Ok, this is a bit conceptual, so let’s check some real life examples!

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