Drink lots of water - mix water with chyawanprash - get a kilo of chyawanprash, it's an Ayurvedic paste containing 50+ herbs and ingredients, use it as supplement and ad it to most of what I eat, especially when I am trekking in high altitude - eat VERY lightly - mangos, bananas - mix chyawanprash with either flour or cereals and fruit for a perfect breakfast or meal - Don't snack on what's offered on the streets - I'll prob lose 2 kilos in a week while I eat very lightly and my body adapts to the heat conditions - Not sure about a certain product like dried fruits, I test a very small amount to get a feeling, I wait for a day see if I experience any discomfort - dried raisins and other dry fruit, I use them but check if they look clean before buying, if you're unsure don't get them - I'm still 95% raw while in India, in ashrams or when eating out or on the move, sometimes no raw option - I do eat salads if place looks clean - I have a bottle water filter I use it to filter tap water - In high moutain areas( beyond 3000 m altitude) was drinking tap water directly and when no cattle around was drinking water directly from crystal water streams - if in doubt use bottled water or water filter (google katadyn) - I have ayurvedic herbs in the form of tablets (holatthena) in case of stomach problems, they rebuild balance in your intestinal flora, used them last year a couple times, worked great

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