ADITI YAMA is the power to sponsor and activate freedom in and around you.

Sometimes, your controlling power can interfere with your flow, your freedom, the way you manage others for instance.

You might be with a child obsessed with controlling their every move.

If you are way too directive, you block their natural flow when doing so.

In other situations, you might be doing that to yourself, setting up very rigid and disciplined days with no time to play or simply be.

These overdone controlling patterns tend to happen a lot in couples as well and trigger fights.

The need to control is a need for safety.

By controlling you also block energy and spontaneity.

You might for instance have a partner that you love and by judging their every action, you might kill their life force, spontaneity and what you care for the most.

You can see the same patterns on a larger scale.

Corporations controlling their staff in obsessive ways.

Countries developing new and complex laws that only limits people's freedoms.

ADITY YAMA  is a call for freedom!

It is a call for openness!

It is your ability to trigger and sponsor, freedom, flow and space in you and in others.

It is your power to make the right strategic choices in your life so that freedom and flow expand.

This mantra is for you especially if you are a leader, manager, lover, parent or have any form of authority in life.

If you are looking for a more relaxed management style that encourages creativity and initiative in your team, that's the one to use.

This mantra is for you as well if your life is over structured and disciplines to the point of drying out.

It is for you as well if you are looking for new access points into joy, life force and energetic freedom.

It is for you if you feel enslaved by negative emotions that clutter your mind.

This mantra is not just about stimulating freedom!

It is about mastering it!

Sometimes, the best action is a controlling action rather than a freeing one.

If you partner is emotionally abusing you, it's not about giving them more freedom, it's about giving them clear boundaries!

This idea of playing with these two qualities of freedom and control is totally contained in this mantra and energy reality.

Mastering freedom is the ability to give freedom or take it away when needed.

It is the ability to intuitively know exactly what freedom or control card to play in any given situation

That's freedom mastery!

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