Qualifying takes three basic intensities:

1. Subtle, as in having her jump through mild hoops: 'here hold this,' 'do
you cook?' 'are you adventurous?'
2. Medium level: Examples: BHRR; 'What are you most passionate
about?'; or ‘Who are you? What’s your story?’ said not in an antagonizing
way but with a sense of genuine interest. ‘I’m drawn to you…it’s weird.’
3. Slam dunks: 'I never expected to find a girl in a bar with so much depth
and intelligence' or ‘I don’t know why, but I’ve become very fascinated byyou,’ ‘why am I so drawn to you…rationalize this for me.’ Use a slam dunk
to seal the deal before you get too deep into comfort, just so there is no
doubt in her mind that you consider her uniquely qualified far above all the
other girls in the room. Or use them to have her start qualifying herself.

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