This one is the ability to create an environment which is healthy and energized, find the right place for you and activate your space as well.

Your direct environment, your personal space are a reflection or an echo of your energy!

You can enter in resonance with your environment by activating it through specific rituals, actions and conscious activation techniques.

Your space is a sphere of energy and the target is to be able to fully activate it so that all disturbances or energetic blocks are removed.

When this happens, energy flows and your energetic potential is multiplied.

This specific life power helps you align yourself with that target and gives you the energetic codes to unleash this.

If you want to activate your personal space, there is of course way more to say.

I use dozens of techniques to activate and clear spaces.

If you want to know more, train to be able to do it yourself or want me to activate your space, get in touch!

I know how to turn personal spaces in temples, clear undigested energies and multiply the flow you get from this.

This is way more than feng shui.

Some of it has of course to do with arrangement and clearing and a lot is about invocation of fresh energies and new powers that will manifest in your space.

This is active energetic resonance building and invisible temple activation.

Get in touch if you want me to activate your home or space or want to learn some of these techniques.

About Shiva Rajaya

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