Most of my lovers will as well feel some form of energy drop.

Some after 1 orgasm and other after a few.

Some women I met would not experience a visible drop but maybe the inner impacts I talked about earlier, like less spirit, synchronicities, intuitive creative power and so on might drop as well.

I do believe that if sexual activation is practiced for 1 to 2 weeks the overflow of energy is so vats that it triggers all the mystical experiences anyone would like to tap into, heart opening, thrid eye awakening and much more.

I am not just talking about a simple minute feeling of energy!

I am talking about something so profound that it shifts your perspective on life forever, you touch the divine, the very essence of your being, you are such a high!!!

That's tantric euphoria or ecstasy and yes! totally manageable!

It's not like you lose it

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