I am not just talking about a simple minute feeling of energy!

I am talking about something so profound that it shifts your perspective on life forever, you touch the divine, the very essence of your being, you are on such a high!!!

That's tantric euphoria or ecstasy and yes! totally manageable!

It's not like you lose it

on the contrary!

with that energy comes as well an ability to manage it.

and if you let it go and stop sexually activating for a while, you rebuild your sexual power and start activating your chakras again.

the goal is to expand your consciousness, to tap into ecstatic bliss and live life to the fullest bring in so much energy that it overflows your whole being and everyone around you.

So, how do you get there?

the first step is to realize that these states do exists and that many people have expanded to these spheres of being multiple times.

From where I am and when it is synchronized, I am convinced that I can actually expand back to these sphere by myself through self pleasure and auto sexual activation like sequential fire breath sessions, shaking, mantras, invocations, kamasanas and more!

I can as well activate these spaces with almost any lover through daily practices that raise our vibration to the roof tops.

It is of course a bit easier to activate these states with a lover who is already trained in these techniques because there is deep cellular and neurological rearrangement associated with the downpour of fresh energies!

Imagine!!! it is like opening the gateways to rivers of fresh bliss that transform your body and mind!

So, yes!!! the impact is huge when you start engaging in sexual activation the way you would engage in a yoga class.

You set up times, discipline yourself and consciously engage in this activation shifting techniques.

As you build this energy, roadblocks which are the result of energy and sexual blocs are dissolved and more and more bliss starts pouring in!

Sexual energy is so powerful for simply clearing the space.

Imagine that you have a river obstructed by branches and rocks, fallen trees, accumulated washed organic matter.

what happens when you increase and activate the flow and all these obstructions are washed away?

Clear space!

Clear flow!

That's the magic!

You engage in sexual activation as an art form!

It is like creating music with our bodies.

we find the pressure points, the stimulating channels!

We explore, accept to experiment until we access these notes of bliss and activation that send shooting stars through our brains and transform our lives forever!

so, who wouldn't want to take part in such an incredible life experiment?

actually, creating the time, the setting, the energy space, the decision to engage takes a bit of planning and synchronicity, especially as well gathering the experience and willingness to play.

You see, when these doors open up they trigger such an overflow of energy that brings to the surface the shadows and disturbances in your energy field.

Sexual activation brings all that to the surface before these disturbances are released in free energy.

Finding the right setting, time and partner to engage can be a bit of challenge, especially if you are not used to engage in that way with a lover.

I feel that we are entering in an era in which these experiments can open up in very conscious ways.

In my universe, there is a clear structure, intention, energy support to activate these energy portals inside of us.

It is safe, explored and already tested!

Of course, still a bit of uncharted territory there because we enter in a really vast space of our human experience.

We tap in patterns that go way beyond our own person, unveiling aspects of our human consciousness that might have been buried for a hundreds or thousands of years!

These gateways of energy can take us to amazing new energy landscapes in which the future potentials of our human race cab be revealed to us.

It allows us to access the source, the original plan and receive the energetic information we've always been looking for.

To balance up and integrate these energies down to the core of our being,

  • we stay focused on the practices
  • we sustain a super healthy life style
  • eat raw or a least super healthy
  • meditate
  • do yoga
  • go for for refreshing swims
  • take time to rest and integrate
  • offer a safe space for sharing and feed back
  • take time to nurture our bodies with massage and deep self care
  • watch for conflicting patterns and catch them as they rise
  • stay in a space of openness love and respect
The difference between this sexual activation drievn approaches and the traditional tantric sex workshops you might have attended is the focus on the practices and the time dedicated to these practices.

In most events or festivals, you might actually end up with a few minutes of practice or sometimes an hour maybe out of a whole day.

these practices are often very soft, non challenging.

with sexual activation, we turn on the volume and energy.

you take these soft approaches and you multiply the energy by 5.

this leads to a whole new level of focus and intensity in the practices.

It is like entering into a sexual activation workout.

Ideally, if we are a group of 10 people together for a month, we would build up the energy progressively.

the first week is about getting used to the techniques, activating them progressively.

the following weeks, we can dive way deeper and extend the practices.

this leads to an energy saturation that clears the way for bliss to pour in.

It's magical and totally safe.

The experiences I had when diving in sexual activation for extended period of time were amazing and changing my perspective on life forever.

It is as if the space has opened up and revealed to me the dynamics of life!

Yes! profound mystical experiences!

I don't know about you but I am so ready to play again!

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