The fire of passion takes over!

The downpour of unlimited energy streams through your being.

You experience everything that you always wanted life to be.

Energy is so deep and intense!

It is juicy, vibrating, exciting, activating, raging like volcano of bliss.

I know now exactly where you and I meet!

It is in the absolute!

In the pure activated fire!

In the rivers of bliss!

I am here with my whole being!

Synchronized as one unit of fire!

Nothing stops us!

We hit the essence of our connection!

This is the deepest we can go!

It is the sacred core of all that connects us!

The vibrating fire of unity!

We are open and united in bliss!

This is energetic reality!

This is what we are here for!

There is no other game to play!

No other target to reach!

All that remains is that:

Experience the absolute together!

It is the total merging of our energies!

The absolute dissolution of separation!

I feel every aspect of you!

I feel everything!

The big story of how you and I connect just kicked in!

We are in the essence together, vibrating in the core, merged in this spirit!

All fears have dissolved!

All obstructions are destroyed!

We dance in the core!

All veils are lifted!

Protections and separations are deleted from our being!

No longer needed!

The temporary vehicle and small stories are annihilated by this raging fire!

The higher transmission is now activated!

This is it!

This is where we both belong!

Together dancing in the essence if bliss!

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