At any given time, you can achieve the perfect energetic resonance with the flow of your spirit.

The variations in your field are subtle energy moods that shift your frequency and intentions of your spirit.

The spirit gives you a new dance move and unveils the next step!

Tune in and play with it!

This is manifestation and conscious energetic dance with the invisible!

The angelic powers that are our galactic vehicles are the vibrant refined designs that dances in us.

Our intuition tunes in and we create the perfect action in alignment with that force.

We are guided in such precise ways!

Our path is the manifestation of these energetic downloads pouring through the layers of manifestation reaching our awareness!

Suddenly we see the path!

We feel the perfect path, the vibrant alignment, as magic hits us and the perfect eternal second is created!

Magic and bliss hit us the instant we are in perfect alignment, tuning our frequency to be able to resonate with these subtle layers of our consciousness!

This perfect alignment is mystical bliss!

This mystical bliss is multiplied even further when this alignment is reached as a tribe.

2, 3, 4 or more beings aligning their frequencies, synchronizing their vibration bring a downpour of cosmic bliss in human consciousness!

This is active aligned communication with angelic vehicles acting as messengers between human consciousness and divine intelligences.

This is the state of unity and alignment that projects us into eternity!

The traditional perception of reality dissolves allowing pure states of being to replace the small stories of human existence.

Our human state is transcended into super human as the gateways to avatar consciousness open up.

The perfect alignment between human and nirvanic realms is achieved.

Just one drop of nirvanic consciousness transferred  from the solar logos hits us like a rush of spiritual adrenaline.

This is the deepest targets of human existence!

This sudden exposure to the absolute projects us in the realms of immortality where human existence and personality dissolve.

The world as we know it disappears and the eternity quest comes to an end.

From these bliss realms, we come back to existence and pretend to be human again, realizing now that it is all a game!

We engage in this human play with a sense of joyful detachment.

We feel truth in our being not as manifested words or concepts but as a pure formless energy!

Life force flows through us and we feel the miracle of being alive as a human being!

What a gift!

Feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensations, actions!

It suddenly all feels so new and unreal!

Reality has become the dream in which we play and evolve!

The nature of life has suddenly shifted and everything we thought was true has disappeared!

No more distant goals to achieve!

Life is perfect exactly the way it is!

Every sensation feels like juice in our veins now that we are connected to the source again.

We play with forms, realize the creative power of words, experience the miracle of breath in a whole new light!

Every second is now magical!

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