Any pain or suffering are now deleted from your system!

From now on life is easy, flowing, frictionless!

The fire of your passion burns all obstacles and you are in the absolute, juicy core of your being at all times!

Small stories and limitations are replaced by a new script!

That's the story of your future!

The vibration of your bliss radiates through your being!

All obstacles, fears, objections to life are destroyed!

The absolute remains, bright and clear!

Pulsating as your new essence!

This is the source!

You live in the source from now on!

Anything that stopped you from merging and dissolving in the essence of life has been destroyed!

Vast parts of memories, traumas, past experiences have been dissolved!

You are reborn in a new body and the rules of your life have changed!

Your values have shifted!

You are now totally aligned with the vast planetary purpose!

You just merged with the deepest cosmic agenda for the planet and humankind!

Your flame is now connected!

Your mind has merged with the absolute!

We vibrate as one unit if energy!

Our frequencies are completely synchronized! 

All small stories are destroyed!

This is the big leap in your evolution!

Your past has been erased!

It has become irrelevant!

Your destiny just kicked in!

It permeates all aspects of your being!

The new program for your future is now installed in your mind!

The new codes of your evolution are activated!

Struggle, pain and fears are over!

The new story is easy!

Life manifests itself in streams of bliss!

You are now an agent for cosmic evolution of humankind!

Your life is aligned!

You just merged with the highest path.

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