About 20 years ago, I started exploring the SANSKRIT SCRIPT and using sanskrit calligraphies are invocation and meditation techniques.

I started looking for words to express specific qualities like destiny, power, love, etc.

After a few years of this research, I had about 30 LIFE POWERS that I was using as a core activation system for myself and for others.

I have been giving specific activation mantras for many years to friends. clients, people I meet casually.

Last year, as I was preparing to teach a VITAL SEX workshop in New York, a whole download of new mantras came through.

I realized we didn't actually have the vocabulary to express sex concepts and practices in sanskrit.

We would use terms like sexual breathing or sexual conversations.

What I did is convert these relatively vague English terms into very specific Sankrit activation mantras.

Because I am familiar with most of these main stream sanskrit terms, I started associating them with the word KAMA, which is sex.

This is how terms like KAMA DIKSHA (sexual initiation), KAMA PRANA (sexual breathing) or KAMA KRIYA (sexual practice) started emerging.

Within an hour I had an almost complete system of new sanskrit mantras.

These new code terms were giving a clear identity and dignity to the VITAL SEX practices I was developing and exploring.

This means that terms like KAMA KRIYAS had never been used before as far as I know.

They were revealed to me in these very specific circumstances.

This set of new codes brings a fundamental frame of mental understanding to what we do with VITAL SEX or TANTRIC SEX.

Many of these concepts did already exist in English and tantrikas were already engaging in these practices but they were not yet identified within a comprehensive coherent system.

This system that appeared clearly to me 2 years ago is now a crystallized set of SEX POWERS that allows us to direct our sexual energy in clearer, more conscious and powerful ways.

If you google the term "KAMA KRIYA" (use brackets) you will see that the first results that appear all refer to my site, my podcasts or my articles.

Of course, I am not saying this to brag! :)

I am saying this to make you understand the power of the creative process we are in today and what is behind the manifestation of these words.

People like you and me who are actively designing new forms of spiritual expression.

The VITAL TANTRA system is a new lineage.

I went to specific places in the Himalayas, Egypt, Hawaii, Cyprus and more and received clear and direct inner guidance to manifest most of what I teach today.

So the complete set of VITAL SEX mantras that I share on my site is new.

It didn't exist before but I guess it was time for us to receive it.

I am an agent activating planetary and human evolution like many of us.

Like many of US, I am simply a channel receiving direct and clear guidance on what to manifest in human consciousness.

Why is my guidance clear and sharp?

Because I spent 25 years in spiritual training.

I have been tested and guided in specific ways by the invisible forces that sponsor our human evolution.

I explored and covered many aspects of spiritual exploration in my training.

I encountered many masters, guides and teachers sometimes in their physical form, sometimes in their energy form.

This is real!

I invite you to take these mantras as one of your possible stepping stones in your spiritual evolution.

If you enter in competitive mind sets with me, that's ok :)

You can doubt every aspect of what I say.

It is totally possible that none of what I say touches you.

And that's totally ok!

I am not asking you to agree with me in any way.


If you feel touched by what you read and see on this site, dive into these energies and practice what I suggest.

VITAL TANTRA is a complete system of life mastery.

Take what you need and discard what you don't need.

This knowledge and techniques is now in the hands of human evolution.

I offer it humbly to humankind so that we can optimize our evolution as a human race.

There is much more to come.

I love you! 

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