Sometimes, people are just looking for reasons to hate you or judge you.

They do that totally unconsciously.

You might have dozens of qualities but they will focus on that one detail, that one imperfection.

Once they find that imperfection, they hold on to it as if that was their most precious discovery.

Discovering your weak point or imperfection gives them a shadow access, a judgement gate, an anchor point to their need to hate and blame someone.

Yes, it is an urge!

Expressing your shadow is an urge!

It is something that feeds you exactly in the same way that pleasure or love feed you.

A judgement or a hate projection is a multidimensional object.

Thoughts are energy objects.

A judgement is never just a thought!

It is a combination of energy, emotion, thought and more.

Imagine that a judgement is a small energy object.

This object is an energy frame that you project on someone.

It impacts them multidimensionally!

It will impact their thinking, their emotions and their energy body.

For instance, they might energetically feel  your judgement in their throat and stomach.

If it is a violent energetic attack, they might even feel the urge to throw up or scream.

It might give them a headache.

This is the energy aspect of the emotion projected on them.

The judgement frame that you project on them is a control pattern.

This means that it is a projection of your own energy body that impacts in their energy body!

Symbolically it is like a box that you project on them, limits them, frames them, controls them.

If they are very vulnerable and receptive, that judgement might even destroy them, annihilate them!

If you are a strong confident being and judgements are  projected on you, they are like whispers bouncing on the surface of your mind.

They don't really reach you!

What if you are really open, vulnerable and receptive.

Imagine that you just has sex?

You are wide open!

You just created this deep energetic connection through love making.

At that moment, your lover gives you a harsh attack "You are just a loser!"



Your energy body is all open because you just spent an hour of love making energetically connecting and opening up to each other.

This means that the energy lines between you and your lover are clear and open.

At that sensitive moment, a harsh judgement might hit you like a lightning!

It might be the truth!

Maybe that's what you need to hear!

Maybe you need to make deep changes so that you can evolve!

Maybe your lover serves your destiny by attacking you with this destructive judgement!

But that's another story.
The point is that judgements are multidimensional frames.

The reason you gossip, judge, hate, criticize is because it gives you power!

Criticizing is mental and energetic control!

It is a creative process in which you generate a mind object that you project on someone or something.

It is one of the tools that you can use to gain a sense of control over your environment.

On a larger scale, that's called social control.

These frames that people project on each other sustain society within certain value lines.

In a small neighborhood, you will have millions of energy lines and frames that people project on each other.

A social control network of energies is the accumulation of millions of judgement or control frames projected over years of judging activity.

These control networks are a fundamental aspect of what keeps society together.

They are energy networks, a complex psychic structure that control groups of people in subtle ways.

Social control energy networks exist on various levels.

They exist in family, social, organization, city, region, spiritual tradition, nation, continent or planet.

Imagine this small group of friends who live really healthy lifestyles.

They don't drink.

Their accepted judgement frame is "drinking is bad for you".

That judgement is associated with a complex set of beliefs, emotions, actions, choices, etc.

The judgement itself "drinking is bad" is just a small visible fraction of an energy reality which is much vaster than that.

If you decide to drink a beer, while everyone else is having organic elixirs, you might feel the harsh impact of this judgement energy reality.

If you are open and it impacts on you, you might feel guilty, ashamed and keep on apologizing to your friends. 

It is essential to understand these dynamics if you want to master your shadows.

Judgement on a large scale is the social control that keeps society together in many ways.

You can look at it as moral law.

It is a control energy structure that stops people from just doing whatever they want.

If you decide to take action it needs to fit within the constructs of what society can take.

If you break the social control limits, you create friction in the social control field.

Many control frames are holding back society.

They are not really that useful.

You might feel guilty about all sorts of things.

For instance you might feel uncomfortable for showing affection to your lover in public.

Think about it!

Why is that?

It is because in many social circles public sensual display is seen as inappropriate.

Imagine that you and your lover work in a firm.

You are in a meeting with a small team.

Displaying affection by sensually touching each other's hands might be seen as inappropriate.

The social control frame in this organization stops you from enjoying a short sensual moment.

Can you see that?

Keep exploring and watch it!

We are surrounded by control frames that design our reality.

These frames give us the behaviors and mind sets that are acceptable and those who are not.

Let's be clear here!

This is an ultra simplified model of social frames and social control.

We could look at exit strategies, reframing the control field, and many more aspects of these judgement structures.

There is way more than that. 

Back to why people judge or hate?

It is because they activate the social control network when they do!

This means that there is a real intelligent instinctual force that sponsors them in creating and projecting that judgement.

When they judge, they become active creative agents of this social control structure.

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Are these shadow behaviors or are they moral constructs that protect society?

Well, social control becomes a shadow the moment it limits our evolution as individuals and as a human race.

Many frames are overdone!

Too many gossips hurt people!

Sometimes you will escape your neighborhood because of nasty neighbors criticizing everything you do.

You might resent working in an organization because of social pressure.

You might stay away from your family because you don't feel free when you are around them.

You might hide a new romance because you are afraid of your friends judging you.

This means that social control systems often become oppressive!

They can lock you and drain you.

They can asphyxiate you in restraining systems that limit you. 

Ok, enough for now.

We will be back soon with more on this topic.

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