The term KRONO for instance refers to a non personified or conceptual energy reality.

It's a quality rather than a human like form.

But it is an intelligent essence in my field.

This means that I can consciously communicate with time.

I can embody it, become it or manipulate it.

In ancient India, you have vedic deities like Surya or Chandra.

Surya is the Sun.

It is not personified in a human like form.

Chandra is the Moon.

She is not human like either.

But the moment I say "she" I already give "her" a feminine or human like quality.

People still invoke or worship the moon as Chandra, but originally don't give her a human like form.

As the worship evolves these deities can become more and more human like.

Surya is now depicted as a human figure on a chariot.

Shiva is personified as a human like form too.

The same goes for most other Indian deities.

In the West, God is often imagined as a powerful wise man with white beard sitting on a throne.

That's an archetype that looks like Brahma for the Hindus.

All ancient Greek deities are human like too.

The zodiacal signs are as well abstract star groups and energy sources in sections of the sky.

But they are turned into human like scenes and archetypes.

The same for the planets.

In the Tarot system, Jupiter is presented as the wheel of life which represents the natural cycle of existence, rhythm and time.

It is an abstract representation with animal and human figures representing various qualities taken in this existence cycle.

Saturn is represented as a dancing perfected human like deity and represents creative, energetic and life mastery.

Saturn is very similar to the Nataraja archetype which is one of the forms of Shiva in Hindu mythology.

The reason you might create or relate better to human like deities is because it gives a sense of familiarity and connection with that energy.

It creates a romantic connection with that source.

If you communicate with a deity it might be easier to relate to it if you see it as a friend, lover or parent.

Speaking to an energy vortex is something that requires a certain power of abstraction.

In your own relationship to the divine or the invisible, you can play with that.

Some people will connect to the divine as humanized forms and some others will invoke more abstract concepts like "the universe" or "the absolute".

Where do you stand?

What are your practices?

Do you have a human like deity on your altar?

There is no right or wrong here.

Do what works for you.

Bringing a little awareness to the way you relate to the divine might expand your horizons and make you understand the nature of your connection to the invisible.

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