This can be a massive game changer in the way you relate to others. Gossips can be super toxic and ruin someone's life.

Going back to this "truth" thing, the source information is often very different than how someone interprets it.

So, if you feel you want to change your game on that one, here is what you can do:
  • If someone shares a gossip that concerns you, go back to the source and check it out
  • Don't talk about people who are not present, at least not in toxic ways
  • If you have some challenging truth to share, speak directly with those who must hear it
  • Check your info first before you share with others

Look... Gossips are entertaining! It can be fun.

If you check it out, you will see yourself talking about others frequently.

Everyone is looking for some juicy piece of it.

Your best friends might talk about you behind your back.

If you are public, you expose yourself too.

And all that can become really nasty, hurt you or others.

So I am not here to judge you or tell you what's right or not.

Gossip or no gossip are all part of human behaviors and some of it is intense shadow and shadow is life too.

Trying to be super virtuous and politically correct all the time can be exhausting!

These are simply some possible tactics.

Look at it and choose for yourself what feels right.

Here is an idea... Stalk yourself for the next 24 hours and each time you see yourself talking about others post a comment here :) curious... you will see...

Love yah!

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