Solar eclipse - In Bali, starting at 12:40 pm (around noon) and ending at 17:05 (that's Bali time) - So we'll be in it all afternoon - You'll have to be in Antarctica to see that one - But you can of course still feel the vibes.

Some insights...

The way I look at an event like this one:

First it's a portal, an opening for new beginnings and past clearing.

My belief is that everyone experiences it in their own way.

Rather than trying to fit into what you believe or read should happen, stay open, present, receptive to what naturally unfolds.

In my experience the impact of a new moon and in this case, this combined eclipse stretches over a few days.

The alignment of Sun and Moon synchronizes the vibration of these two energy sources and creates an open time portal through which information and energy are transfered.

This means that it's a consciousness and energy gateway opening up.

On a side note concerning planetary evolution, Chiron which is one of the major asteroids and represents Healing power is in opposition to moon and sun.

This suggests some powerful healing transition.

As we are right around the 9:11 events cycle, this healing might signify as well a major energetic or emotional clearing concerning these events and everything that followed them.

In a way, it's as if these wounds still need clarification and this Chiron alignement in synchronicity with Moon and Sun provide the energetic acceleration to manifest just that.

That's what I want to invoke for this astrological event: planetary healing and a new script for the way religious beliefs and traditions interact with each other.

I want acceptance, respect, honoring, tolerance, empowering each other.

Competitive religious attitudes are outdated! We can do way better.

I want to manifest the vision of how this perfected relationship between belief systems will look like.

I want us to look beyond the differences, the words and look at the deep common essence and real beliefs we actually share.

I am ready for this deeper upgrade in my consciousness.

We are ready for it as a human race.

Help us! Guide us! Inspire us! We open our beings to receive new inspiration, insights, energy and codes!

You can tune into a similar process internally and feel into what needs to be healed and harmonized specifically for you.

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