Blasted by Kali?

Here is what you must hear

You navigated all this masterfully!

Your relationship with KALINATAYA, the KALI FIELD, is powerfull, stable and grounded!

Each woman in that field is an agent for your awakening, a shadow trainer!

You didn't do any mistakes!

You followed your spirit and your truth!

If you were exposed to the same situation again, you would go through it in the exact same way!

You can be a shadow trainer yourself as well

Everything that happened is in alignment with the nature of the forces you play with.

It is the nature of Kali to create these waves and energies, destroy, create friction!

So, there are no mistakes in what happened.

Even if it feels intense, it's all in perfect alignment and part of your growth.

You just need to be comfortable with these emotions and energies!

Trying to avoid them, concentrate the lights, reject Kali will simply bring her even more strongly in your field.

Kali's role is to blast you!

It is to get you through firewalls!

If you would rather not be exposed to that, you will create this inner conflict!

She will blast you because it's her role to take you!

She will make you go through firewalls to destroy what no longer serves you!

She will set you up to get you blasted!

Kali does that because it's her nature!

Her nature is to bombard you with intensity to bring you closer to your essence!

It hurts if you resist it but if you take it in and allow her to anihilate you if opens incredible waves of new freedom and consciousness!

Whaou! Emotional pain dissolves and it's just energetic intensity!

Pure fire is sometimes expressed in the form of rage and extreme anger!

Women can be so powerful and skilled are riding their shadow dragons!

When she owns it, whaou!

Most men might experience it as a curse but if you can embrace that kind of fire, your whole perception of reality shifts!

Don't position yourself as the victim of some unfair conspiracy!

Instead, feel it, surrender, embrace!

Take it all in!

This is one of the greatest life mysteries!

Shadows are the perfect complements to lights, playing together like a whirling Yin Yang symbol.

Here are a few attitudes that don't work with Kali!

Don't blame her or victimize yourself!

That's boring!

Instead love her, embrace her, welcome her, give her space to voice, express and be in the core of her fire nature!

Society conditions us to suppress this stuff.

As a woman, this can create this shame and guilt when your fire and intensity kicks in!

You want to access that powerful shadow fire and are as well challenged or even scared from the power you feel rising from within!

To tell you the truth, the vibrant incredible beauty of this pure kali expressions blows me away!

I experienced women in ecstatic rage many times!

This means that they are blasting me or someone else with their deepest aggressive emotional intensity and at the same time touching divinity and their core essence!

This is why holding space for this fire can be such a gift!

It is because you experience a full embodied expression of a core aspect of the divine feminine!

If a woman you know goes into a pure shadow expression, see what happens when you open to that energy!

You can even push some buttons and escalate the fight but if you do, watch out!

It can get out of control and spin to destructive dimensions you never experienced before.

I don't encourage you to do that!

If an ALFA KALI woman is already spinning in her shadow fires, better simply stay present and don't add to the fire!

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