You, women in my life, I realize something so subtle and divine gently emerging

It is like playing with wind or fire, with forces that are so subtle and so refined

I look for words, actions, emotions, sensations that bring connection and deep resonance

Lately I am so deeply touched by the feminine beauty that surrounds me

Bali is attracting this fire, divine sacred energies and being part of this dance is pure mystical bliss

The spirit seems to play with me

It leads me, directs me, guides me in ways that are sooo subtle and purely intuitive

I am so deeply touched right now by the love, kindness, generosity and beauty that emerges in all of you!

Your words and love activate me

I feel honored to be received in your fields, in your gatherings, in the subtle core of your beings, in this magical mysterious evolving mystical experience!

You teach me so much!

Through your words and gentle guidance you show me your essence and how to relate to you

Your challenges and shadows are equally precious gifts

I welcome you

I honor you

I am in such deep gratitude!

May the pathways that activate your essence open up

May you enter in total resonance with your spirit and your destiny

May you shine in bliss,  beauty and ecstatic joy

May your life be celebration of your truth

Your presence is a gift

You are divine

I love you

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