You are familiar with the idea of individual affirmations, right?

You can transfer this idea to couple affirmations, values, things to celebrate that become the core pillars for your relationship.

These can be as well positive feedback points that allow you to see and value what you are doing right.

You can share this feedback for instance in a weekly gratitude session where you sit down for 15 min and expose what you find exciting in your relationship.

Have a look at these and add your own insights:
  • We both stay really focused on making it happen 
  • We are both flexible to evolve
  • We engage sexually from a place of fun and curiosity 
  • We have skills
  • We have experience 
  • We try to be at our best
  • We drop it and let go of what doesn't serve our highest purpose 
  • We have fun
  • We laugh a lot
  • We share practical things like food and cleaning 
  • We navigate challenges and shadows skillfully 
  • We interact with other people generously 
  • We are positive beings
  • We communicate skillfully
  • We love each other 
  • We respect and honor each other 
  • We care
  • We have ambitions
  • We have potential
  • Etc
And more examples:
  • We are doing great
  • We have high juice, synergy and beauty
  • Incredible sex
  • Great location and day rhythm
  • Lots of beauty and deep connection between us
  • Common vision and synergy
  • Powerful and deep sexual chemistry
  • We have delicious food
  • Love the sharing, constructive and conscious communication 
  • Respect and deep sense of love
  • Huge heart connection 
  • Highly receptive, flexible and energy shifters
  • Both open and receptive to feedback, questions, reflections
  • We create a safe and refreshing space
  • High energy and high vibration throughout the day
  • Etc

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