As a man, being exposed to female shadows can be one of the most challenging experiences in life.

What do you do when she blasts you with undigested stories, emotions, abuse, manipulations, lies, etc.

You have dozens of situations that can be triggers and create friction and pain in you.

The target for a man is to be able to be exposed to the vast diversity of female shadows and learn how to navigate them.

Navigate them doesn't necessarily mean being stiff like a rock and not engaging in a verbal battle.

Being non reactive is only one of the possible tactics.

Sometimes the best way to play is to fight back or argue or play or use humor or any other weapon you might have.

Yes, you can talk about weapons and tactics because when exposed to female shadows you can see at as an emotional battlefield.

Many guys will simply freeze and victimize which is probably the most disempowering reaction you can have.

Yes! Of course! Sometimes, the best tactic is to remove yourself from that woman's presence, cut ties, break up, let go.

But often, you might be with a woman who has a lot of qualities and these shadows are part of her being.

Running away from her just because she challenges you a bit might force you in escape mode and lead you to reject powerful nurturing relationships just because of a few challenges.

Mastering or navigating your exposure to female shadows is an art!

You need some tools, skills, understanding, flexibility, energetic and emotional intelligence!

You need to be present, focused, alert and wise!

This is one of the core topics I am exploring right now because it is at the core of so many men's life challenges!

Effective solutions and tactics do exist!

You can learn new skills, new emotional reactions, identify the best response to what your wife or girlfriend might project on you.

Many of these challenges are related with romantic partners.

This is mainly what I focus on right now.

But of course, you have other females in your life like mother, colleague, daughter, sister, friend, boss, etc.

I find that each of these relationship types requires its own set of tactics but the underlying power, presence, attitude and skills can be transferred to any of these various situations.

For now, let's focus mainly on your romantic female partner who could be your girlfriend, lover or wife.

I use the expression "Master female shadows" not in the sense of controlling them, but rather mastering your response to these shadows.

Women, if you read this, I am not saying that guys should master you, ok? You get that right?

I am saying that men should master their response, attitude, when being exposed to female shadows.

I could say "How to master your exposure to female shadows" which makes it more specific.

This is a vast topic and I will keep adding insights and maybe videos as they come.

Stay tuned

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