Here is what I see when I look at shadow's evolutionary purpose:

Your destiny as a man is to master various forms of energetic environments.

You heard me before expressing this idea:

One of your core purpose as a human being is to master all sorts of environments.

This is one of the keys that activates your evolution.

These environments can be your relationship to money, jungles, high mountains, deserts, being a parent, being a leader, an agent of change, a business owner, a lover, etc.

Mastering your exposure to powerful female energies is one of the challenges that can help you massively grow.

The target is to be exposed to all sorts of psychic states from women and being able to master them.

By mastering them, I don't mean controlling them.

By mastering I mean consciously designing your energetic and emotional response to these shadows.

You can consciously seek these experiences because you know that they will speed up your evolution or you can simply sit back and wait for these challenges to hit you or not.

You might be tempted to protect yourself from women and run away each time a shadow hits you.

Many men expect to date a perfect girl that they can easily domesticate and shape to fit their own needs but there is little challenge in that.

Challenge is often what makes it interesting and juicy.

Look, educating your partner here and there is a positive empowering thing for both men and women.

But you might still be exposed to new challenges when you least expect them.

The idea I open here is that women in their shadow expression are agents that speed up your evolution.

When they are in shadow mode they become shadow trainers and expose you to energies that project you forward. 

This is a very specific perspective on relationships and romantic connections.

This is how I look at it!

Your lover is an agent of your evolution.

When you are exposed to a specific female shadow, the goal is to find the best energetic response.

This often means identifying the perfect emotional posture to respond to a given set of energetic attacks.

Instead of running away, you embrace her shadows and the challenges that go with them.

In extreme situations you might be exposed to various forms of psychic "torture" and challenging energies.

Embracing her shadows are as well powerful access channels to deep erotic activation.

They might wake up high levels of sensual and energetic intimacy.

Yes, embracing her shadows does create intimacy!

It expands your couple's emotional potential!

More on that one coming soon..

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