So, guys, why train these skills?

Why not simply react, fight and do whatever you want without optimizing these response tactics?

There is nothing you must do but generally being able to create more harmony, playing with high energy and emotional fire are some of the cool things you can learn in life.

You want as well to creare more flow and less pain.

Entering in deep conflicts with the women you love can be really frustrating.

Overreacting to a small trigger she throws at you can lead to a self destructive spiral for you and your partner.

In other terms, you're in harmony, she triggers you, you enter un reative mode and the whole evening is blown in a huge fight.

You feel like crap for 2 days, slowly reconnect until the next trigger sends you off track again.

See the missed opportunities?

If you have an energetic ninja tactic to deflect an attack, your romantic date might be a success instead of a failure and you won't waste your time trying to reconnect a broken relationship.


The advantages of discovering and applying sone really cool ninja emotional tactics will save you lots of pain and trouble!
Got that?

Being able to master and easily navigate female psychy will simply make you a better person as well.

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