This is one of the core side tracks you can get trapped into.

She's unhappy or sad?

You feel that you must rescue her from whatever emotion she's going through.

Well, here is the deal!

You are not responsible for her emotions, she is!

What happens in her is not your responsibility.

Of course you can influence her but at the end, she is the one making her own choices.

This means a simple thing:

When you see her going through emotional rollercoasters, you can simply witness, stay present but don't identify yourself with what happens in her.

If you follow her in her emotional states, you lose track with yourself, your own truth and she loses as well a pillar of strength and power she can rely on.

Have you ever shared with a friend a challenging emotion and they make it even worse. They catastrophize whatever you just shared.

They dramatize even more what you already feel.

In other terms, sharing your experience with them drags you down even more.

If your girlfriend is experiencing a tough day, stay strong and present, reassure her, offer her your powerful presence without getting involved too deep in what's happening.

The last thing she needs right now is having to rescue you as well.

She needs your strength and power, not your weakness.

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