Waves of fire

Waves of fire

Life is a thrill!

Your whole being is excited by what you feel! It is a flow of life force which takes your whole being, waking up magic streams of happiness and delight in you!

Right now, you feel this inner powerful laugh taking over your being and your life!!! It is a stream of inner pleasure which flows and clarifies your mind.

It is pure fire, powerful vibrating force and inner power which radiates in waves of passion and extreme happiness.

This fire bliss is a liberating force. You feel open to life, receptive to the pleasure of being alive.

This delightful force flows through your veins. Nothing can stop it anymore. It is your essence and it has always been. Happiness, intense fire is your home. This is where you live, reside, where your spirit exists.

You are fire! Pure fire of joy! Radiant fire of power!

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