Here are some examples of things you can say, expressions you can use when exposed to her shadows:
  1. I am free to do what I want! 
  2. My actions belong to me. 
  3. How someone responds to my actions is not my responsibility, it is theirs. 
  4. I am free and independent! 
  5. I am in control of my life! 
  6. No one has the right to blame me! 
  7. If your energy becomes toxic to me, I might take distance from you or investing my time or energy in you. 
  8. Taking care of your insecurities is your job not mine
  9. I don't give you the permission to sabotage my highs! If you do try to sabotage or poison my joy, I will probably stay away from you or and cut off connection 
  10. If your presence becomes toxic to me, I will stay away from you
  11. May the spirit protect me from toxic people. If you are toxic to me, may the spirit protect me from you. 
  12. Don't sabotage my connections with other women or other men
  13. Don't pressure me, don't submit me to demands, don't give me threats or ultimatums - If you do, I will take distance from you 
  14. If you go into blame and drama, I will probably stay away from you
  15. Don't blame me or attack me! I can't open up to you if you keep threaten me
  16. I am not here to fix you, rescue you or educate you, that's your responsibility 
  17. If you want my help for something, ask me clearly and I will decide if I want to help or not
  18. I owe you nothing
  19. If I see you,  it's because I want to
  20. Don't give me threats or ultimatums, that just sends me away from you
  21. I am not interested in arguing with you
  22. I am not interested in being in drama with you
  23. Giving me some vague hints doesn't work for me! If you want something make it clear to me.
  24. Your life is your life, not mine
  25. What you do with your time and energy is none of my business 
  26. The energetic or emotional choices you make are your choices, your mine
  27. How you perceive situations is your responsibility, not mine
  28. I am unaffected by you disconnecting - If you disconnect, I will equally and instantly disconnect from you and direct my energy to other women 
  29. I am not interested in exposing my tribe, friends, women I am connected to, to any of your shadow or trigger outbreaks - If you try to engage me in public I will probably withdraw myself from you
  30. I am not interested in playing your games
  31. If you want something, be clear, consistent, coherent. Mixed or contradictory signals or hints don't work with me.
  32. Don't try domesticating me - I won't compromise my truth to try accommodating your needs
Some questions for you:

Did you use any of these in the past?

What happens when you use expressions like these?

What's the impact on her?

How does the use of these expressions make you feel?

What is your own favorite way to set up your limits?

How good are you at setting up your own boundaries with her?

What else could you say that you're not saying yet?

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